About Us

Once guiding principle accompanies us in each of our areas of activity, and that is placing your personal safety as our clients, at the top of our priorities.

Kata Entrepreneurship is a private company with financial strength, specializing in condominium complexes for residence, and which believes in full control of all areas of its activity, thus it initiates and performs all its projects independently.

Starting with in-depth and thorough planning, through insisting on high execution quality and up to using quality materials for the perfect finishing – all with the support of experienced and loyal professionals, providing personal service and meeting schedules.

So that you could enjoy the result, but also the journey, we are here to provide you with your peace of mind.

Kata Entrepreneurship – A name you can count on

Company Activity

Entrepreneurship and Construction

Innovative planning, attractive location and high execution quality while providing personal service all the way. In Kata Entrepreneurship, we believe that this is the winning formula for constructing your next home.

Urban Renewal

Our company specializes in initiating varied urban renewal projects. Out of knowing the field and the comprehensive public view, we believe in cooperation and holding a constructive dialogue with the apartment owners and the local authority in order to meet the unique needs of all parties in each and every project.

Holding Assets and

Our company holds a large number of lands and assets for lease all around Israel, and provides a direct, personal and professional response to handle all ongoing maintenance needs and the clients’ requests.

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